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How can I purchase a TPA using TPA Wallet?
How can I purchase a TPA using TPA Wallet?

Mobile version - Full process to Purchase TPAs using a TPA Wallet and any payment method

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  1. Go to any browser on your mobile phone and enter the URL:

  2. Look up TPA: Input the desired TPA combination (three letters and three numbers) and tap on "Look up" to check its status.

  3. “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”:

    If the desired TPA is Available:

    • "Buy Now" completes the purchase.

    • "Add to Cart" to search for more TPAs to purchase.

  4. Select the payment method:

    *To pay with crypto, ensure there is sufficient balance to cover the TPA(s) and gas fee.

    *To pay with a Credit/ Debit card, provide the name, card, and billing information.

  5. Select the decentralized wallet: Select TPA Wallet to continue with payment. Remember, if you want to connect with MetaMask or Coinbase, you must follow the steps to purchase with a decentralized wallet.

  6. Create Account in Stage Meta: Enter your phone number to create your Stage Meta Account.

    Once you complete the Account creation, you can continue with payment.

  7. Review purchase details: Check the TPA, price and payment method.

  8. Purchase Complete: Minting is done instantly and the final confirmation shows the TPA(s) purchased.

  9. View TPA(s) in Account: Go to your Account Panel and visit Menu > My TPA to see your TPAs.

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