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What are the benefits of owning a TPA?
What are the benefits of owning a TPA?

Why purchase a TPA? What are the benefits that come with ownership of a TPA?

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  • TPAs make travelling within and between Spatial Computing platforms possible.

  • Choose the TPA combination you desire for future investment or to open your Business.

  • The price at which we sell TPA will grow over time using an exponential formula.

  • It's a wallet for receiving and sending digital assets and coins.

  • The TPA can be sold and traded in the blockchain marketplace as any other digital asset.

  • Increase the benefits obtained from the Weekly Distribution Pool.

Why should everyone own TPA as soon as possible?

  • Because by investing early, you have access to the Best TPAs.

  • TPAs are limited in number, and the best TPA will run out of availability fast.

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