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How to choose which TPA to purchase?
How to choose which TPA to purchase?

Are you unsure about which TPA to purchase?

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TPA addresses holding recognizable abbreviations—whether they're iconic city or country names, renowned organizations, major currency codes, or globally recognized brands—hold inherent value. Such addresses are anticipated to exponentially increase in worth, standing out from the rest in future valuations. A few potential examples include:

  • USA-000

  • CAT-999

  • BMW-750

  • IBM-000

  • IRS-000

  • USD-000

  • NYC-000

  • AAA-000

  • IOO-100

  • ALL-999

  • ABC-123

  • ETH-000

But honestly, it all depends on what your vision is for your ownership of the TPA:

  • If you intend on investing, and are looking to sell it further along, you can think of names related to brands, accessories, companies, services. Think IBM, YSL, BMW, GYM, SEA... Any 3-letter combination is good!

    Take advantage of the early stages of Spatial Computing to get a TPA that will be easy to sell in a few months.

  • If your desire is to construct your own business, then you take your business or service and reduce its name to a catchy combination!

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