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What can you do with a TPA?
What can you do with a TPA?

TPA: its functions and usage

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The main function of TPA is being the Universal Domain Address for the Spatial Computing Era. It also works across a variety of products and applications:

  • Universal Domain Address: TPA simplifies teleportation within and between platforms, eliminating the need for complicated parcel addresses.

  • A space where you can build any experience that you want.

  • You can hold it as an investment and have potential for a business presence (Business opportunities include virtual brand & retail stores, virtual hotels, services, educational and many more)

  • As a TPA owner you can Build your Business through your TPA, or you can Lease your TPA to someone that needs a presence in Spatial Computing.

  • Wallet Address: TPA enables the creation and management of decentralized wallet addresses, similar to cryptocurrency wallets.

Purchasing a TPA at this early stage has the added benefit of being able to choose the best combinations for your business in Spatial Computing or as an investment.

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