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What is LAMBDA Energy?
What is LAMBDA Energy?


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LAMBDA(λ) Energy is transmitted to the TPA that receives PING on each 10th PING, until the 90th PING.

The TPA will receive one LAMBDA(λ) Energy unit, equivalent to 10 ALPHA(α) Energy units each.

i= 1...9

λi= 10* ALPHA(α)

Σ λi= 9*10*ALPHA(α)= 90 * ALPHA(α)

LAMBDA(λ) = 10 * ALPHA(α)

LAMBDA 1(λ1) level is reached with the 10th PING, and each level is achieved every ten PINGs until LAMBDA 9(λ9).

LAMBDA(λ) Energy dies when the first OMEGA(ω) Energy is activated.

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