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How does Stage Meta relate to TPA?
How does Stage Meta relate to TPA?

Explaining the relationship between Stage Meta and TPA

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Stage Meta and TPA have a foundational relationship in the context of Spatial Computing:

  • Stage Meta is a Spatial Computing Platform that empowers everyone to navigate and interact with TPA.

  • Each TPA (Teleport Plaque Address) is the unique "universal domain" within Stage Meta. Just as every physical location in our world has a distinct address, every location or presence within Stage Meta is defined by a TPA.

Key Points

  • Finite Addresses: With only 17,576,000 unique TPAs available, they represent the limited available addresses within Stage Meta.

  • Proof of Ownership: TPAs, being on the Ethereum blockchain, offer verifiable ownership of a particular space or experience within Stage Meta.

  • Flexibility & Potential: Owning a TPA grants the ability to craft and define a unique business presence. This can range from establishing a business, creating immersive experiences, to leasing the TPA to others.

In essence, while Stage Meta is the platform that empowers TPA, it is the specific plot within it. Owning a TPA means having a stake and presence in the Stage Meta universe.

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