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TPA Wallet Link
TPA Wallet Link

Unlock Earnings Magic with Your TPA Wallet Link! Earn $250 PING for Every TPA Purchase. Get Yours Now & Amplify Your Income!

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What is TPA Wallet Link?

A TPA Wallet link is the unique link associated with your TPA Wallet. Your TPA receives a PING (valued around $250) if someone purchases a TPA through your TPA Wallet link.

How do I get my TPA Wallet Link?

a. Login to your Stage Meta Account.

b. Click on your profile in the top right corner.

c. Select "View Panel" from the menu.

d. Enter the "Distribution Pool" section.

*If you're a TPA Owner: go to "TPA Wallet Links", select the TPA you wish to share and copy your Link:

*If you don't own a TPA: go to the "TPA Wallet Link" box and copy your Link.

Why is it important to share my TPA Wallet Link?

Your unique TPA Wallet Link allows you to easily complete the Distribution Pool weekly activities and earn Meta Energy for every TPA sale made through your link.

By sharing your link, you generate confidence around TPA and help boost our community growth.

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