Meta Energy PING

What it is, how to collect them and its value

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What is a PING?

A PING represents the metadata of any TPA. TPAs release Meta Energy when they receive PING, and those with more PINGs can release more ALPHA Energy.

Why should I collect PINGs?

Each PING acts as metadata for a TPA. TPAs with more PINGs can release more energy. At its maximum energy level, known as OMEGA MAX, a TPA with 1,000 PINGs can release 2.971 ALPHA Energy for each PING.

How many PINGs can I collect?

There is no limit to how many PINGs you can collect until the final TPA is sold.

Why does a TPA with more PINGs have more value?

Buying a TPA with more PINGs increases the chances of releasing a larger Meta Energy orbit in your account.

For example, a TPA with 98 PINGs is very close to release around $25.000 worth of Meta Energy.

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