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The Distribution Pool

Benefits for everyone!

Updated over a week ago

What is a Distribution Pool?

A special weekly deposit crafted exclusively for TPA Wallet Users.

Where does the money for the Distribution Pool come from?

It comes from TPA sales. Every time a TPA is sold, 1.029 Alpha Energy is added to the distribution pool. The more TPAs are sold, the bigger the distribution pool gets.

How long will the Distribution Pool Deposit last?

It continues until every single TPA is sold.

What do I need to do to receive the Distribution Pool Deposit?

Keep an eye out on our social media platforms, we are there to answer all your questions, and check your email every Monday.

By completing the specified activities, you'll be eligible for the weekly Distribution Pool Deposit.

What types of Distribution Pool are there?

  • Mini Distribution Pool: any registered Stage Meta user is eligible for this Pool.

  • Full Distribution Pool: exclusive for TPA owners, the weekly worth is 10x of what you can earn in the Mini Distribution Pool.

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