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Meta Energy
What is Meta Energy?
What is Meta Energy?

Meta Energy and its Path in Stage Meta

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Meta Energy is the driving force behind the immersive experiences on Stage Meta, powering Spatial experiences.

The Meta Energy level starts at 100% and decreases to 0% when the last TPA is sold.

Business will be fully active when Meta Energy drops to the 0% level.

Meta Energy Path

It’s composed of Energy orbits: DELTA (δ), ALPHA (α), LAMBDA (λ), and OMEGA (ω).

At the moment, Meta Energy is transmitted in Ethereum (ETH).

DELTA(δ) Energy sends part of the Meta Energy back to the TPA distributing the Meta Energy.

The new TPA receives DELTA(δ) Energy on their 1st TPA Purchase from Stage Meta Website

It serves as the foundational energy for constructing Stage Meta. It is calculated by multiplying the percentage of Meta Energy being sent by the TPA value.

Whenever a TPA receives a PING, it transmits 1 unit of ALPHA (α) Energy.

BETA (β) Energy

BETA (B) Energy is 2x ALPHA (α) Energy, and your TPA will receive it on its first PING.

You can earn BETA (B) Energy just once.

GAMMA (γ) Energy

GAMMA (γ) Energy is 3x ALPHA (α) Energy, and your TPA will receive it on its fifth PING.

You can earn GAMMA (γ) Energy just once.

It is transmitted to the Pinged TPA every 10th PING for the first 90 PINGs, equivalent to 10 ALPHA (α) Energy units each.

i= 1...9

λi= 10* ALPHA (α)

Σ λi= 9*10*ALPHA (α)= 90 * ALPHA (α)

LAMBDA (λ1) level is reached with the 10th PING, and each level is achieved every ten PINGs until LAMBDA (λ9).

It is transmitted to the Pinged TPA every 100th Ping for the first 900 Pings, each equivalent to 100 ALPHA (α) Energy Units.

i= 1,..9

ωi= 10* ALPHA (α)

Σωi= 9*100*ALPHA (α) = 900* ALPHA (α)

OMEGA (ω) MAX Energy

It is transmitted to the Pinged TPA at the 1,000th Ping, the biggest there is.

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