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How to navigate Stage Meta in Spatial Devices
How to navigate Stage Meta in Spatial Devices

Discover what options you can access in Stage Meta using compatible spatial devices like Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest

Updated over a week ago

The full functionalities for Stage Meta can be accessed through the web application, but the spatial environment is getting upgrades that are giving spatial users more functionalities to access their account options.

  • Login to your Account

    Using your existing login information with phone number and email address, enter your Stage Meta Account.

  • Sign up to Stage Meta

    When entering your phone number in the login page, and there's no Account associated, a new one will be automatically created in the same process, once you validate your phone number.

  • Access your Profile Settings

    Change your Avatar, Account Name and Phone Number from this option.

  • Navigate Stage Meta

    Using our innovative search, enter the keywords you want to explore.

  • Explore your Search options

    Once you enter any keywords in the Search bar, you will see Products, active TPAs and TPAs you could buy from those results.

  • Immerse in active TPA

    If you select an active TPA, you will be able to navigate through its products and services offered and interact with 3D objects and 360-degree walkthroughs, if available.

    Remember to navigate using spatial hand gestures.

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